This Father’s Day, celebrate the golf-loving dads in your life with a sustainable twist. Instead of the usual synthetic shirt’s gifts, opt for menswear that not only looks good on the green but also is not going to cause him harm. Dive into our curated guide of responsibly made golf shirts, where every shirt supports naturally derived choices that are good for him, good for everyone.

Going Natural: The Shift Away from Synthetics Step onto the fairway with confidence knowing that your shirt isn’t contributing to environmental pollution. Unlike traditional options laden with synthetic materials like polyester, our selection boasts a remarkable percentage of shirts crafted from natural fibers. With an emphasis on sustainability, over 95% of HyperNatural shirts are free from synthetic materials, reducing the presence of microplastics in our ecosystems.

Why it Matters: The Case for Going Clean Gone are the days of prioritizing convenience over conscience. By choosing naturally derived golf shirts, you’re not just upgrading his wardrobe; you’re giving zero harmful chemicals and microplastics. Synthetic fibers shed tiny plastic particles with every wash, ultimately finding their way into water bodies and threatening marine life. With HyperNatural bio-materials options, you’re choosing a cleaner approach that minimizes your textile pollution impact without sacrificing performance and comfort.

The Oeko-Tex 100 Certification: Your Guarantee of Safety For the discerning dad who values quality and safety, look no further than Oeko-Tex 100 certified golf shirts. This prestigious certification ensures that every component of the garment, from the fabric to the finishing touches, meets stringent standards for harmful substances. Rest assured, Dad will enjoy his new Hyper golf style knowing that his skin is free from absorbing dangerous chemicals and toxins.

Embracing Biodegradability: A Sustainable End-of-Life Even the most well-loved golf shirts eventually retire from the greens. But fear not, our eco-conscious options don’t end up languishing in landfills for centuries. Many of our featured shirts are crafted from biodegradable materials, offering a responsible end-of-life solution. When Dad bids farewell to his favorite golf shirt, he can take comfort knowing that it will naturally decompose, leaving behind minimal environmental impact.

This Father’s Day, you can inspire a cleaner, more responsible way for Dad with HyperNatural, and our naturally performing materials, Hyper-Cool Jade®. Choose Pinehurst or El Capitan golf shirts, where these eco-smart choices tee up a brighter future for both Dad and the planet.  These gifts won’t last 2,000 years.