As the mercury climbs and the scorching summer sun beats down relentlessly, the quest for coolness becomes paramount. In an era of climate crisis, where temperatures soar to unprecedented heights, the need to keep our bodies and skin comfortably cool has never been more urgent. Enter the global trend of "cooling fabrications" – a revolutionary response to extreme heat that's reshaping the landscape of performance materials.

At the forefront of this trend is HyperNatural, a next generation eco materials brand that harnesses the power of nature using the first-ever cooling solutions made for apparel, using microscopic Jade Stone. So long suffocating polyester plastics that trap heat and body odor, leaving you feeling sticky, uncomfortable, and gross.  HyperNatural embraces the only naturally derived and regenerative materials that prioritize breathability, and sustainability without compromising on comfort or performance.

HyperNatural's proprietary cooling fabrics use jade stone to regulate skin temp, as it has been revered for centuries in Asia for amazing cooling properties. Through their own unique blend of raw materials waste, HyperNatural infuses jade particles into their yarns, creating a cooling sensation that feels cool to the touch on the skin. Up to 5 degrees cooler to be exact.  Imagine the gentle cool breeze against your skin while playing golf, even in the sweltering heat of midday – round or afternoon BBQ.  The magic is jade stone materials do not conduct heat, and therefore stay cool, when you heat up. 

Say no to “stink fit.” By shunning those gross synthetic plastics, like polyester and nylon in favor of HyperNatural materials, you will feel healthy, sweat less, and look fresh.  Don’t forget those regenerated crab shells resist odor too.  Having a lower eco impact is your gift with purchase.  Win-win for both you and the planet.

So, as temperatures continue to rise and you need relief from that oppressive heat becomes ever more critical, ditch the plastics golf shirt for naturally derived cooling ones.  Best part is these shirts won't last 2,000 years in a landfill.  Join our global movement towards smart cooling fabrications made Better by Nature.