HyperNatural has always been inspired by the genius of nature and combining natural solutions, with modern luxury and sustainability.  We know the future of fashion and materials is not polyester or petrochemicals – it’s nature.  

Founded by two reluctant fashion executives, who knew our industry must do better.  We decided to make high-quality goods both awesome (for you) and more sustainable (for us all).  With a little downtime during Covid, we became obsessed with the luxuries of nature and some innovative ways to be more sustainable using natural materials.  HyperNatural was born.  

Sustainability begins at the source, which means we use only natural, renewable, and biodegradable materials wherever possible.  50% of HyperNatural materials come from recycled or regenerated sources such as jade stone, seafood waste, scrap cotton, and recycled spandex. The rest is Supima®, the best 1% cotton in the world, which is traceable down to their American-grown farms.

You have our commitment to making the best possible product, with the least ecological impact.  You are helping to reduce the impact on our landfills, and the need for more petroleum-based / plastic products in clothing.  Your support helps us to develop better natural solutions that help conserve our resources while supporting higher quality, longer-lasting goods.  There is no perfect sustainable solution today, but we do better when nature leads the way, and we consume fewer disposable polyester products.  

This is all without you having to compromise quality, performance, or comfort in what you wear.  HyperNatural is made Better by Nature®.

Sustainability Certifications