1. It's Breathable

Supima cotton is one of the longest ELS cottons, and the long fibers result in a stronger yarn overall. Because of that, Supima can be made much finer than other cotton types. A finer weave makes the fabric lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect option for those who tend to run warm.

2. It's Durable

As you use the fibers get worn out. Lower-quality cotton will get thinner over time and may even tear. The strength and durability of Supima, on the other hand, means your shirts will last much longer. It’s twice as strong as regular cotton, so it resists tearing, pilling and fading even after dozens of washings. Its fibers also absorb dye better, allowing for more vibrant colors that stay that way.

3. It’s Softer

In addition to being breathable and more durable, Supima cotton is also much softer than regular cotton. This is again due to the fine weave, which gives it a silkier and softer feel. As you wrap yourself in your Supima sheets, you’ll feel like you’re truly sleeping in luxury!

4. It’s More Environmentally Friendly

Finally, Supima cotton is sustainable by nature. The American farmers that grow it use some of the most technologically advanced agricultural processes available, including maximum-efficiency water use and soil conservation. Using GPS and satellite technology, they can quickly identify pest issues and provide targeted treatment just to the areas of the field that need it.