HyperNatural Customer Feedback

Pure Comfort. No Polyester.

"Honestly, most comfortable polo I have.  I am cooler for sure.  Important for me as I get incredibly warm.  I’ll wear it again tomorrow too." Ben H. | Milwaukee , WI

"My husband commented a several times on how nice the fabric feels 😊. He was suprised by the coolness, lightweight fabrication and how well it drapes on the body.  Did not have any moisture in the underarm areas.  Very well constructed collar that holds it shape perfectly (no curling at the tips)." Deb M | Santa Barbara, CA

"Cool and comfortable for hot Florida. Lightweight but not too feminane. Better quality and fit than my go-to designer European brands.  Collar sits well under my Barena sportsjackets.  #Newfavoritepolo" Ernesto | Miami, FL

"This shirt is unbelievably comfortable. I have worn undershirts for quite some time but do not feel the need with Hypernatural. It adjusted well to my body temperature changes.  Classic fit is perfect for me. Can't believe this is made from sustainable materials.  I have worn a wide variety of polo shirts over the years but this is the better than all of them.  Price and quality are both premium, but worth it." Wayne K. | Holiday Island, AK

"I hate wearing polyester. I wore it golfing." Eric K. | Westchester NY

"Supremely soft.  Naturally smooth, cool feel against your skin.  Comfortable modern type of fit, but not too slim.  Fits true to size.  Liked the collar and stand, perfect for layering under a jackets.   Quality and details are impresisve for a shirt under $200." JM | NY, NY

"WOW!!! No joke.  Love this shirt.  Fits amazing and so soft.  Better than James Perse.  My new favorite.  I'm serious 10/10.  Love everything about it." Taylor S. | Brentwood, CA

"I love this shirt so much!  This feels perfect for golfing." Shane B. | Costa Mesa, CA

"The fabric feels amazing. It is, by far, the most comfortable polo shirt I have ever worn.  

The sizing is wonderful.  As an XL, I never know how shirts are going to fit, due to how the manufacturer cut, but HyperNatural gives me extra space in all the right areas.  

While I like that it is sustainable, I would not buy it solely based on that.

I pretty much only wear Ralph Lauren polo shirts.  If I am only wearing for leisure, travelling, the best shirt I have ever travelled in, running errands on a Saturday / Sunday, or driving along the beach with my top down, this is the ultimate shirt. Hands down.  

I currently have 17 Ralph Lauren polo shorts, in various colors, but multiple in grey, dark blue, and black. At a price point of $150, I would weave this into at least 1/4 of my polo shirt wardrobe. I would absolutely recommend this shirt to others who are high-net-worth.  This shirt is definitely a luxury purchase." Jonathon Z. | New Jersey

"I love my hypernatural polo!   Wore it all week at CES in Las Vegas.

Fit:  I'm amazed at how comfortable the fit is to my body type. It falls into place and is not tight, but rather the right amount of snug that makes me feel very confident wearing it. Many polos that fit me in the shoulders are then like tents around the torso and into the waist - not this.

Material:  LOVE the softness! This ties to the fit commentary I know; but it wears like my favorite tee... and looks way better! I've also worn in a few times on a business trip and the polo remains fresh.

$135 price makes sense to me. I would consider this price point in all honesty a bit higher than what I'd normally pay for shirts. That said I love the natural sustainability and particularly the US grown cotton, is a big deal to me." Christopher W. | Elm Grove, WI

"Soft to the touch and cool, like an air conditioner in New Orleans. Fits perfect, like a pair of Italian driving gloves. I’m so exhausted by the idea that we’re chilling the planet with our close. Hypernatural is a breath of fresh air. I’m not a polo shirt guy, but Hypernatural changed that! Maybe the luxuryt price is not for everyone, but to me it’s worth it! For anyone who wants this level of style, quality and sustainability—it’the real deal." Whitney W. | Camden, ME